Are there circumstances where inbound emails just vanish?

I am using email forwarding for my family. Today my wife had an inbound email that just vanished. It was sent by her counterparty but never arrived in her emailbox.

When I check the logs I don’t see the email at all. It was unsurprisingly not forwarded, but there were no entries in the log for rejected, dropped or errored emails. Will every inbound email show up in the log in some category, or are there cases of inbound emails that just vanish entirely without being logged?

As a general proposition I do not want cloudflare rejecting emails, since it is silent. I would rather spam go through and get filtered in the endpoint email account, where it can get logged in a spam account. Is there a way to do that?



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Receiving mail servers can label Cloudflare as an abusive sender for forwarding spam. If email is important to you, forwarding is not an option I recommend. It has not been an optimal method since long before Cloudflare began offering Email Routing. There are narrow cases where it can make sense, but routing to your primary mailbox is not one I would entertain.

I don’t know the extent of messaging activity that is available for review. Perhaps someone else will share experience with that aspect of the Cloudflare Email Routing platform.