Are there bandwidth limits to use of the Free tier of service?

I’ve seen variations of this question asked here, but nothing specific, and definitely nothing specified in TOS and pricing.

I have 65 sites getting about 4 million visitors/month. I need DNS and SSL for them and I’m relatively unconcerned about the other bells and whistles offered. I was going to start on the free plan and see how it works, then upgrade as needed. $20 or $200/month would still be acceptable, but there is just SO much that I don’t want or need. The free plan actually provides what I need (again, just the basics of DNS/SSL).

Is it feasible to run that number of sites with that much traffic on a free plan or Pro plan? Or will Cloudflare force and upgrade to the Business or Enterprise plan?

Definitely start on the Free Plan. It’s as bandwidth-unlimited as Pro and Business plans, except the for bells and whistles.

With all the warnings about ToS, if it’s “normal” website traffic, you’re safe. But if you have an abnormal website, like one for streaming video or a file locker, then that’s a problem.

This should be done before you add them to Cloudflare.


Thanks so much! It’s good to know that I’ll be OK starting with the free plan and won’t be forced into Enterprise. Though the sites receive a fair amount of traffic, it is all “normal” in the sense you’ve noted.

Follow up question - you’ve noted that SSL should be done before adding to Cloudflare. Could you expand on that?

In this instance, I’m changing the sites out to new servers with new IPs and also the old certificates will no longer be used. In my limited experience using Cloudflare so far, I’ve only added sites that didn’t have SSL in the first place (they were VERY out of date) and adding the sites consisted of nothing more than changing name servers with the registrar and enabling SSL. I was just going to do the same with the larger group of sites, but it sounds like I may have missed something!

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That’s good that the sites were set up with SSL/TLS, but you need to do this again on the new servers.

That’s irrelevant when it comes to SSL/TLS. They still need a secure connection to protect against malicious upstream attacks.

Cloudflare can easily generate new server certificates for proxied sites:

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Got it. Thanks again!


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