Are there any conflicts or problems with the firewall?

I use Cloudflare, Wordfence plugins, Simple Cloudflare Turnstile and I’m on

After a year I have no traffic despite good SEO and opportunities to get new customers.

The same hosting made me block several IP addresses because they were sending too many requests.

Could you help me understand the problems I’m having with IP addresses and the firewall? To find out if I block legitimate IPs, have conflicts, am I under attack.

And what to do to improve the situation.

What are the addresses your host made you block? When using Cloudflare, all traffic would be coming from Cloudflare addresses. If you block these, your website would become unavailable.

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That is, should I unblock all the IPs that blocked my hosting outside of Cloudflare, as there will be problems?

Should I remove all blocked IPs? If so, what happens if Wordfence blocks IPs automatically?

That would be a lot easier to answer if I knew what IPs your host had you block.

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Can there be conflicts? I had Cloudflare Security Level set to high. Now I have the minimum setting, to avoid conflicts.

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