Are there any benefits using cloudflare for a shopify site?

According to this article:

We have to disable the Cloudflare proxy (set grey cloud) for Shopify sites since Shopify uses Cloudflare.

What cloudflare features still remain enabled if the grey cloud is set -firewall, speed, caching, page rules, etc…?

It’s whatever Shopify has chosen for their Cloudflare integration. I suggest you contact them regarding this.

Perhaps I didn’t explain correctly. I want my own Cloudflare account to route through so I have some control over my traffic in the cloudflare settings. I don’t have any control over any cloudflare settings on shopify.

Can I use firewall, speed, caching, page rules, etc… options if I have the grey cloud set on my cloudflare account? Or does turning the cloud grey basically disable all cloudflare features?

It turns them off for you. As I said, Shopify controls the Cloudflare settings for your site.

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