Are the same set of two nameservers always assigned to domains in the same account?

Does Cloudflare assign the same set of two nameservers to every domain using their DNS within the same Cloudflare account?

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Does Cloudflare ever change the nameservers assigned within a given Cloudflare account?

Also, what is the logic to Cloudflare’s unusual system of having so many different nameservers, and assigning different sets to different customers?


Yes. If you set the nameservers before adding the site to Cloudflare, you will get given a different set. If you remove a domain from Cloudflare and re-add it, they will change. As nameservers are how you authenticate you control the domain, they are changed to prevent hijacking.


Assuming you do not set the nameservers before adding the domain to Cloudflare, will all future domains added to the same Cloudflare account be assigned the same set of two nameservers as were assigned in your account to previous domains?

Usually, but it’s not guaranteed as other reasons for them to change may not be known.


If a domain was previously using Cloudflare DNS but was removed from Cloudflare, if it is ever again later readded to Cloudflare DNS, it is certain that it’ll be given a different set of nameservers than it had originally with Cloudflare?

Does anyone have any insight on the last question?

As per my observation, same set of nameservers will be allotted within the same CF account.

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