Are rows read using json_each() counted against the quota?

Today I figured out that I had hundreds of millions of “rows” read per month. Turns out most of them were due to using “json_each()” on a JSON array stored in a table of less than 30k records. It’s my understanding that I have a quota of 5M rows read per month. Would those “virtual rows” count against that quota, too?

Would anyone have an idea where I could get an official response? I’m really confused as I seem to massively excess the row read quota, yet I’m not billed a cent.

You may have better luck in the D1 channel on Cloudflare’s Discord server:


To follow up on this: I indeed got a response on discord. And the answer is yes, those JSON arrays are turned into virtual rows which are being processed. Therefore they count as “rows read”, too.

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