Are registrar DNS changes automatically mirrored in Cloudflare?

This is a really high level question but I can’t seem to find an answer in the FAQs. My technical team have a concern about losing control of their DNS if we change the name servers to Cloudflare. As I understand it Cloudflare take the DNS settings from our registrar automatically on setup.

The question relates to DNS changes and the point of management/control. Do changes we make with our registrar get picked up and duplicated by cloudflare automatically? Or do we have to make the changes in Cloudflare then duplicate them in our registrars account so we keep the DNS settings in sync in case we move away from Cloudflare in the future?

Many thanks for your help, Alan

Hi @alan.tomkins,

Cloudflare will scan for the most common records from your current DNS provider and import them when you sign up. You should still check that none have been missed and that they all match the ones you currently have.

As for updating them, Cloudflare won’t do this itself. You will need to update the DNS records at Cloudflare, whether that be by logging in and using the UI or using the API.

I was pretty sure that was the case, thanks. Your fast response is most appreciated.

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