Are pages replicated on build/upload?

Are pages sites replicated at build/upload time to locations around the world, or are they just located in a single region and pulled from this origin (and cached) when accessed?

Pages assets (your images, html, js, css, etc.) are stored in KV, which you can read about here:

In short, there’s two central stores today and then things are cached on each edge location as requested.

And then the actual Worker that pulls the assets, runs Functions, etc. is distributed as a normal Worker, running everywhere:

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Thanks, that is helpful.

I have some large but infrequently used assets on my site, and fetching them is latency-sensitive. I was thinking that I could serve them out of Pages but it sounds like the cold fetch time would be too high, as it was when I used to serve them out of AWS CloudFront with a single S3 origin bucket.

Currently I am using CloudFront, served from multiple origin S3 buckets in different regions with some lambda code to choose the origin based on the viewer’s location. I manually replicate the assets into the buckets.

I suppose the same could be achieved using multiple R2 buckets and a worker to choose the source bucket.

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