Are Page Rules To Redirect to HTTPS Still Necessary?

I setup my sites with CloudFlare’s free service many years ago and I just noticed that I still have page rules redirecting to HTTPS. For instance one of the sites has:
Always Use HTTPS

I have read several other topics including:

which indicate that the Page Rule is no longer required.

Can someone confirm that when SSL/TLS is set to either FLEXIBLE or FULL that a page rule redirecting to HTTPS is redundant and I should remove it.


You can activate ‘Always use HTTPS’ for your entire zone. If it’s already active, you can safely delete this Page Rule.

This doesn’t redirect any request.


Some browsers, like Brave, now quietly test https in the background and automatically “upgrade” your connection from http to https. That may make your redirection seem redundant but it’s not.

Thanks. For anyone else reading this thread the path is SSL/TLS > EDGE CERTIFICATES > ALWAYS USE HTTPS

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