Are old hidden posts automatically pruned (deleted)?

Ok, so I was going through my PM’s (some of my older ones to be exact) and I saw some “Post Hidden By Community Flag” messages that I must have forgotten to click on!

I noticed one thing about them all: The posts were not visible, to ANYONE!

Now if the post is deleted by a mod or admin, you get a PM stating “Flagged post removed by staff” right?

Well, it didn’t!

An example is 520, 522, 524 -- massive increase lately - #10 (which was my first post that was flagged and hidden)!

So I wonder: Are posts deleted after they are hidden for some time?

These were posts that were NOT hidden twice (as mods can probably go back and look at the post I linked and see that it was only hidden once)!

Also, admins can see my PM’s for more examples (just go back to some of my early PM’s)!

So are posts that are hidden for so long pruned by the system automatically or what? Or were those posts “silently deleted” by a moderator?


So that explains why they are no longer visible?

After how long are they pruned?

3 months?

Also, does a moderator have to remove the post for me to be sent a PM?

30 days.

When a post is flagged and hidden you should receive a PM telling you.

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