Are my DNS records okay?

I transferred my domain from Bluehost to Cloudflare, and I have transferred my website from Bluehost to Cloudways. All DNS records from Bluehost have been deleted, but I am now wondering if my DNS records are correct. I see some DNS records have transferred from Bluehost and have my old IP address listed in the information, but I have a new IP address with Cloudways. I did speak with support from cloudways and they stated everything should be fine with the records, but I just want to double check. Thank you!

You’re essentially sitting on a community forum, where volunteers will do what they can to assist you.

Without sharing a list of records, or a screenshot showing the records, it will therefore be quite impossible, for the majority of people here, to give you any hints on whether they look okay or not.

However, since it sounds like your provider has already seen your list of records, and that they approve them, I doubt there should be (much) more to come for there.

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