Are IPv4 adresses compatible with SRV records?

Hi there, as the title says, I was wondering if IPv4 adresses are supported in SRV records. I keep getting an error that the target must be a hostname - how can I resolve this?

I’m trying to connect my domain to a minecraft server. This is the “result” from filling in the boxes: points to and listens on _tcp port 25584 for _minecraft services.

thanks in advance

SRV records cannot point to IP addresses in the first place, hence there is no such question in the first place and that is also the reason for the error message.

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How can I connect my domain with my Minecraft server then?

You’ll need a proper hostname for that which then points to that IP address. Either an A or an AAAA record, however that is not really Cloudflare related hence the question is better asked at StackExchange. Though there is a Minecraft tutorial under #Tutorials I believe.

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