Are GoDaddy SSL Certificates Necessary with Cloudflare?

We’re using GoDaddy DNS with Cloudflare as a caching service. If we have SSL certificates (both Dedicated and Universal) issued through Cloudflare, do we need to renew the SSL certificates we have for the same domains on GoDaddy? Are both necessary or is the GoDaddy SSL redundant?


@a.hassink, you may need to update your GoDaddy SSL because they use Lets Encrypt (I’ve never used GoDaddy) apparently so I’m not sure if they renew the Certificate for you every cycle. But, Cloudflare would/should renew the Certificate every cycle so you’ll be continuously secure. I wouldn’t worry about the one on your GoDaddy, but you should keep it if you don’t encounter any issues or redirect loops because it’ll act as a fallback certificate if Cloudflare or its Certificate ever does manage to fail.

For reference, GoDaddy will auto-renew SSL certificates and send you a reminder ahead of time but you can also cancel for a refund, at least soon after a renewal. They’re pretty expensive though so we’re going to drop it since we determined the SSL certificates our sites are actually using are coming from Pagely and Cloudflare and were not dependent on GoDaddy.

These tools can be used to see SSL certificate details:

Yep, there’s another Guy on here talking about his GoDaddy SSL being $200. It’s a good idea to not use something so expensive that just serves the exact same purposes as the free ones. That’s like just throwing your money in the trash or setting it on fire.

So, has your issue been solved?

Hi @a.hassink,

You do need a certificate on your server as well as the Cloudflare one. The Cloudflare cert covers the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare and the one on your server covers the connection from Cloudflare to the origin.

Assuming GoDaddy is not actually hosting the site, then you shouldn’t need a certificate there as well.

Thanks, this issue is resolved.

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