Are gifs images or videos?

Hi there, I’m not sure where this question belongs, so let me jump right to why I’m asking. I just saw a curious statement buried on CloudFlares blog post about using S3/BackBlaze with workers:

Note: We permit caching of third party video content only for enterprise domains. Free/Pro/Biz users wanting to serve video content via Cloudflare may use Stream which delivers an end-to-end video delivery service

So imagine I’m someone like GIPHY looking to host lots of gifs. But then imagine I’m hip to modern technology and want to use mp4 and webm instead of gifs.

Is this possible on cloudflare? It doesn’t seem like it fits under the Stream product nor is it accepted as an image?


For me GIF is consider animated image, it does not belongs to the video category.

And, Cloudflare caches GIF by default.


But then what happens when I migrate from the much bemoaned gif format to a video codec — my content medium isn’t changing, just the codec backing it.

The docs are telling me CloudFlare won’t cache those mp4/webm files unless I’m an enterprise customer — they’re video hosted on a third party (S3) :confused:

It won’t be cached. It’ll still be served, though.

If you’re that person, you’re probably crossing the line of a ToS 2.8 violation.


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