Are files from other domains also being cached?

Hi! It’s just a question. I’m wondering if files from different domains are also being cached.

For example, I own, so I added it to my account and contents inside (like is being cached and served by CF (usual behaviour).

Now, let’s say, inside my index.html I’m also serving external content, like

Will this “grape.png” be also cached and served from CF?


It won’t, unless of course that domain is on Cloudflare too.

After writing this comment I realized that resources are being individually requested by browser, so answer is not. However, how about if I set a cname to serve it? Like CNAME => More specific (it might not be the best example), I want Cloudfront to work together with Cloudflare. So, I can map with a CNAME (for example) to Then, URLs will be served like, that will be resolving to, that will be resolving to, that will be served by Cloudflare cache. Is this mechanism possible?

If you point a record of your domain to that other server and that other server still answers under your domain, that would be part of your domain and hence cached.

Great, thanks!

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