Are edge-nodes sharing their caches or not?

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I don’t understand yet, whether edge-nodes share their cached items or not. Let’s assume that scenario:

  • if I access a specific resource from somewhere near the US, I will be served by an edge node in the US that first needs to fetch the data from an original host serving that resource
  • if I now access that same resource from somewhere in Europe, I assume that same resource will then be served by an edge node in Europe
  • Now the big question: Does the European edge node try to get the resource first by querying the American edge node or any other edge nodes part of the CDN, or does it not even try to find it in the CDN and directly call the original host?

An answer would be highly appreciated!
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Only Argo (routing…not their Tunnel product) does any type of cache sharing. And in that case, it’s tiered caching from a “super node” that has to be faster than going to your origin.

Without Argo, even within a datacenter, it might take a few visits before you consistently get a HIT for a resource, as you may hit a different server/cache at that node.


Hi sdayman, thanks for your reply, that answers my question indeed.

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