Are domain owner details hidden when domain registered through Cloudflare

I’m interested in buying a domain via Cloudflare in order to make use of it through Cloudflare.

I’m used to being able to hide the ownership details of domains that I own but I can’t see any reference to that when I look at the page to buy a domain in Cloudflare.

Are ownership details hidden when domains are bought though Cloudflare ?


Everything except state/Provence and country is redacted.

The exception is .us domains, which requires that the registrant data be public.


Excellent, thank you Michael - very useful.

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There are other exceptions too, for ccTLD’s which do not follow ICANN rules.

For example, with .uk domains, whois information can be fully hidden (although this was not the case previously until I raised it with cloudflare).

Interesting, thanks. In my case I was using .net so I’m reasonably sure that would follow ICANN rules.

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