Are custom nameservers free? I thought they were paid, but AI keeps telling me I am wrong

I spent the past few hours trying to figure out how to add this free custom name server.
Even invested in a new domain that I could use!

After talking to this AI, I am so confused. I look at some of your responses and it seems like custom nameservers are paid only. The AI thinks otherwise, and I ask if the information the AI has is current. & The AI seems to keep going on saying that it is current and correct.

Can someone please lead me in the right direction on how to add this free custom nameserver that the AI keeps talking about?

I asked AI
“Is Zone custom nameservers on cloudflare free”

AI says
“Yes, zone custom nameservers are free on Cloudflare, even on the free plan. This means that you can use your own custom nameservers for your domain, even if you are not paying Cloudflare for any services.”

I asked AI
" In cloudflare, In the Custom Nameservers, I don’t have an add custom nameservers button. Only one that says upgrade to business? I am confused."

AI says
“Zone custom nameservers: This type of custom nameserver is available for all plans, including the free plan.”
“The “Add Custom Nameservers” button is only available for zone custom nameservers. If you are not seeing the “Add Custom Nameservers” button, it is possible that you are trying to add account custom nameservers, or that you are not using Cloudflare as the primary DNS provider for your zone.”

It’s hallucinating. Custom nameservers are only available with a Business plan, and even then, you’re still using Cloudflare’s actual nameservers; you just get an alias for them in your own domain.


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