Are Consecutive Turnstile Captchas a Problem?

I have an interesting Turnstile situation that I am still researching, but will toss it out here in case anyone finds it familiar and has pointers or information.

I need to prevent bot activity happening against our internet facing customer sign in, sign up and password pages. We are using Azure B2C, and in order for me to embed the captcha, I have dedicated URLs for these 3 activities.

If I go directly to each page, things work. Both on PC and Mobile browsers, the turnstile captcha appears, verification occurs, everything is great.

If I go to the sign up page, captcha appears and works. If I then go to Sign Up or Password Reset in the same browser window… the captcha does NOT show up on mobile, and intermittently doesn’t show up on PC.

Obviously, when the captcha doesn’t render, chaos ensues and the Sign Up/Password Reset blow up spectacularly by insisting you are a bot… but not giving you any recourse to prove you are human.

Has anyone else seen something like this??