Are CName URL's secure if?

I was wondering if I have a Cname URL and am using it on an account I have set up in CF with SSL will the CName also be secure? For example is showing up as not secure and actually gives me an error but is secure. Please clarify what my expectations should be. Thanks

A CNAME set to :orange: is covered by Cloudflare’s SSL setup, acting as a subdomain to the main domain.

However…in your case, you’re telling the server to respond to the traumaf2 hostname, but it does not have a certificate that’s valid for that subdomain.

Not that techie. I have other subdomain set up with Cname like this one that work. I set them up the same way I did this one. How do I get a certificate that’s valid? I must be missing a step.

Okay, looks like it was pointing to the wrong server on the host side. I’ve corrected that so maybe that will correct things.

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