Are CNAME inputs for AWeber on Cloudflare Unproxied a Bad Thing?


We are using AWeber and have set up the DNS records on Cloudflare (CF). However, there was an issue with AWeber seeing them, which has been a common thing amongst Cloudflare users like myself.

I ran into this article - Problem with CNAME DKIM inputs for AWEBER on cloudflare - and I unproxied all three of the CNAMEs and it worked!

I just need to know:

  1. Do I keep them unproxied or are there extra steps I need to do to proxy them again?
  2. Is it safe to keep them unproxied?

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Yes, they need to be unproxied.

The target of a DKIM record will be a string of text, not an origin web server that needs protection from attack, so it is “safe” that the records are not proxied.

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Thanks! This will help other AWeber customers who have CF. AWeber is the only DKIM I cannot proxy but I feel comfortable now, thank you.

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