Are Cloudflare and GoDaddy in Partnership?

Hello All,

Hoping someone can help me solve a mystery. I used Cloudflare as a CDN for my GoDaddy hosted Wordpress site for a long time. But I severed the tie a couple of years ago to solve an SSL issue between the two providers that was degrading the performance of my site.

But when I inspect the HTTP headers for responses from my site today, there are several Cloudflare headers…

cf-cache-status HIT
server Cloudflare
cf-ray 798d12e59d93fa5e-SJC

…which leaves me confused: is this an unwanted, lingering after-effect from my time using Cloudflare as my CDN? Or has this nothing to do with my time using Cloudflare, and these headers exist because GoDaddy and Cloudflare are in some sort of partnership, with the former using the latter’s services?

Any insight/wisdom, greatly appreciated!

p.s. The reason I’m looking at HTTP headers at all is because something has been overriding the cache expiry settings I have configured in my site’s .htaccess file, instructing client browsers to only come looking for a fresh copy of my homepage after 1 month (meaning readers of my site don’t see new posts).

I assumed it must be something GoDaddy are doing, but then I spotted Cloudflare headers to muddy the water even further…

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