Are cached page hits reflected on origin server logs?


Hi, I am using a Cache Everything rule. When a user accesses a page that happens to be cached by Cloudflare, is that reflected on my origin server logs?

This article suggests that perhaps they are:

It says:

When a site is proxied through Cloudflare, your origin web server access log records a Cloudflare IP address for each incoming request by default.

My origin server logs already show origin real visitor IPs. I am a Pro customer, so no Cloudflare Logs for me.


That’s two separate issues:

  1. Any request that does actually hit your server will come from a Cloudflare IP address due to the proxying.
  2. But a request that is cached does not hit your server, so it won’t show up in the logs.


So my only options to monitor traffic are Google Analytics, a similar Javascript solution or even a Cloudflare Worker?


Correct. Those solutions will use a third party to log visits.

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