Are Argo Tunnels free or not? I'm confused!

The documentation regarding Argo and Argo tunnels is a bit confusing for me and every single blog post and/or third-party article always mentions that “Argo” is a paid service. That’s exactly what I see here.

However, I have created a couple of Argo Tunnels and everything is working. I have not enabled “Argo” or "Argo Smart Routing) and I don’t intend to (for the foreseeable future). In this scenario what are the limitations of this “free” service? How free is free regarding Argo Tunnels? Are there any speed constraints or bandwidth limits when using Argo tunnels WITHOUT Argo Smart Routing? Is it really free?

TryCloudflare is free.
Argo Tunnel is paid service.
Do you see the tunnels on your dashboard?

Take a look at this.

Secure connections to Cloudflare with Argo Tunnel

Argo Tunnel is now provided for free even if you don’t enable Argo.

It’s still a bit confusing for me because I’m not using anything from teams. I’m not using Gateway nor I’m using Access. What does this mean for me?

You are not alone. At first I was confusing too. But somehow they removed the restriction few months ago so even though you are on Free plan without Argo, you still can create a tunnel.

So I couldn’t even create a Tunnel before this restriction was removed and that’s how we can be sure it’s free? I’m asking because I never attempted to create a Tunnel before :sweat_smile:

Maybe we need someone from Cloudflare to further explain this?