Are 4 records enough in the DNS settings?

My domain doesn’t seem to be redirecting towards my website. I believe I have set everything up correctly.
A customer support form GoDaddy told me to delete the first two A records (now I’m left with 2 CNAME and 2 TXT records), the customer support said that my domain should redirect towards my website within 24 hours. It has now been over 40 hours and my domain is still not reflecting my website.

What could be the cause?
DNS settings are wrong? I should wait a bit longer? I should contact my website hosting?
Please give my valuable and sure advice anyone.

Can you give your domain name and a screenshot of your DNS records?


Remember for the future: Don’t ever do what GoDaddy support tells you to do. Chances are it’s going to make your problems worse.

That would be much easier to tell if you answered @sjr 's questions.
You should also describe what happens when you open your domain, especially if you see any errors.

Can you check if your SSL setting in Cloudflare is set to Full (strict) as well?


My SSL setting is set to flexible

can you please help me? how do I get the IP address of my google sites so that I can place it in the A records of the DNS settings?

Please change that to Full (strict).

You forgot to answer the questions asked by @sjr .

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