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I’m building a site where I want to have users upload short videos (max 5 minutes) and have them streamed for 30 days and then archived. The archived video may be unarchived upon request to stream for another 30 days. I’m looking into Cloudflare to make this dead simple to provide transcoding and streaming of these videos.

My question is whether I will be able to download the transcoded video to save in the archive (instead of archiving the original). I want to be able to choose whether I want to download the video in HD or SD resolution. I want to store archived video in the cheapest long term cloud storage I can find as videos will rarely be “unarchived” back to Stream.

Is downloading videos from Stream for archiving supported (now or in the future)?

I am also looking for a solution to this problem. Have you solved this problem so far?

There is no facility or guarantee that your original video can be retrieved via stream. I f you want long term storage of the OC, glacier or a bandwidth alliance partner can store that for you to retain/delete at your discretion.

– OG

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Ok. Your reply is very good. e… Can I ask you about it? At present, most of my customer groups are in mainland China, but my products are overseas, the customer experience is not good, I am very headache, this… Can you help me think about it? Give a suggestion or your thoughts to learn from me… Thank you

With the Downloads API ( you can download and save a transcoded copy of the video.

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