Apuntar DNS de DonDominio a Cloudflare

Hola, alguien sabe como apuntar las DNS de un dominio registrado y con servidor en DonDominio hacia Cloudflare? Apuntarlas lo sé hacer pero creo que al tener también contratado el servidor en Dondominio, al apuntar el dominio a Cloudflare, la web no se vé, porque no la encuentra en Cloudflare. Alguien se ha encontrado con el mismo problema? Gracias!

Hello @alex80, may I clarify the issue you are having? You added a domain to cloudflare, changed your name servers at your domain registrar, and the site is not yet active. Is that all correct?

If so and it’s been more than 24 hours, you should verify that you made the change with your registrar, check to see that DNSSEC is not active on the domain, and verify there are no ICANN holds that are preventing the name server change from taking effect.

If my first statement is not correct, can you share the domain name here along with a screen shot of the error you are seeing.

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