April 1 Android Update Blocks all Internet Access

Internet access is now only available by turning off Rebooting devices, router abd modem dies not help. Windows PC is not affected

Which update?

I’m running 2.0.0 on a galaxy 8 with Oreo and no issues.

version 2.0.1…Android 7.1.2

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Oh, you mean the updated version of the application.

I don’t see 2.0.1, shows as 2.0.0 in Google Play.

I too got an update notification for 2.0.1 today.


Yes. No issues prior to the recent update

I do not see any way to edit an entry to correct for clarity …

It was a “phased” fail. First my Samsung tablet would not connect and about an hour later the Axon & phone also lost connection. Turning off the app on each device corrected both, but the app reports no VPN any longer even with still set as default DNS on the Router. Logs are blank, probably because there is no connection

Don’t know: Update was pushed via Google Play

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Hmm…I never thought I’d feel “left out” because I didn’t get an update that breaks my connection. Investigating.

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Don’t know about Android, but I just updated my iOS app to get in the waitlist for, and my connection to was lost. I turned off Wi-Fi, turned it back on, and that was it.

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Similar if not same for iOS : connection spotty for a few to several minutes after having joined waitlist for WARP. Whether it’s due to this or a bug of some other sort within the update, I cannot say.

Yes, was off after update, but turned on OK for both phone & tablet. Internet connection from tablet died a few hours later and then phone after another hour. Strange.

Restoring a backup made prior to the update and all was well. Updating to v2.0.1 of the app killed Internet connection immediately this time.

I found an archived copy of the app, uninstalled v2.0.1 & reinstalled v2.0.0. All functions again normally.

A little more information: v2.0.1 of the app does allow connection to my local network, as I can access router and modem settings, just no access to the Internet or outside world. V2.0.0 does not have that issue.

Hi @lrsnpark, what version of Android OS do you have?

I was finally invited to the 2.0.1 update party late yesterday. After update, I used mobile data and wifi for a few hours without issue. Same today.

Seems to be Nougat.

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Side loading is still an option? Or are you fortunate enough to have an older iOS to play around with?

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That is exactly what the OP already did.

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