APPS -> This web property is not accessible via this address

I have tried numerous APPS, all of them give the error:
"This web property is not accessible via this address."

Error occurs if URL = http(s)://domain.tld
Error occurs if URL = http(s)://domain.tld/*
Where * can be a DIR or FILE
i.e. /home or /index.php

This error happens on all my domains that point to:
Error does not happen with another domain that points to:

So it would seem I am only seeing the error if attempting to run on root dir.
Any suggestions?

Attached is a screenshot of the error with domain information removed.

It looks like that website is using APO, which might be incompatible with Cloudflare Apps. I’ve not seen this before, but @yevgen might know how they interact.

So I logged into my WordPress admin, went to all plug-ins, cloudflare. Plugin dude not lose gives forbidden error with no way to change settings. I may have to remove the plugin. There is already a cloudflare plugin via my cPanel.

Have you found any solution? same problem here. :roll_eyes: