Apps Page Selector Tool during Install



We are rethinking the way the page selector is implemented in the Apps tab of the dashboard once you install an app.

Please share your thoughts on what you’d like to see with the page selector. Would it be helpful to be able to enter any URL and add this to your page tree? Would you like an option to add a URL match pattern that allows wildcards (e.g. you can enter*/blog.html) ?


Absolutely a way to pinpoint with a custom url the page you want the app to appear is a must. I have a massive site (over 15,000 pages) and the vast majority of my pages are not listed in the pages option. To me its really a feature apps should have launched with originally.


Hi thanks for the feedback. We are actively working to fix this. Would you say having a URL input at the bottom of the page tree would help you resolve this issue? Or for your use case would you prefer something like a documented API endpoint to add to such a large number of sites?

Cloudflare apps not crawled?

I think for apps like notifications, countdowns etc that are only required for a short period a URL input would be fine.For other apps that are a long term element to be added to a site an API would be perfect.


+1 for the only way I’d use this is, is if I could specify a pattern like with Page Rules.


Hi, we recently released a feature that will allow you to manually add a URL to an app install. Please check it out and let me know what you think. :slight_smile: