Apps not working

My site
is not loading apps
I have pace, social icons, and reading time installed. I have purged the cache, on Cloudflare and on my browser. It is not loading and my school prevents me from seeing the inspect tool.

My Website is not loading the apps, Reading Time, Social Icons, or Pace, I have purged my cache on cloud flare and on my browser. I still do not see the apps installed.

Well, the Reading Time app is for sure installed, when I scroll I see a banner saying “a few seconds left”. Social Icons are showing up in the footer. Pace I am not sure what it does…

Pace puts a loading icon when the page is loading and I still don’t see the reading time on my site.

It does show up then, it seems like an atom?

I wonder why it dose not show up on my side then. and yes it looks like a atom

Are you sure you are connecting to Cloudflare and not your server via some sort of host file change? Is the TLS certificate Cloudflare’s?

how do I check that?

Click on the lock icon on your browser, that should still be present everywhere and read the name.

this is what I get

so how do I fix it om my side?

Yeah, that’s directly the server. You can wait a while (it may take a couple of days), otherwise you may have made changes to your hosts file or other things… can’t really help there, too many options.

ok thank you

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