[Apps: "Add HTML"] Preview worked, but it doesn't affect deployed website


I’m using “Add HTML” (one of your Apps) on Cloudflare.
I cannot configure it with my website, here is a situation↓


  • Add my Clarity and GoogleAnalytics tags to my website (in head tag)

■ What I have tried:

    1. Use one of the Apps: “Add HTML”
    • a. Install
    • b. Configure its settings.
    • c. Select all the pages under my domain as “On these pages” section.
    • d. Put the code copied from Clarity into the “HTML Code” section.
    1. Check as testing
    • a. Use “Preview in a separate window” and check the tag with Chrome dev tools.
    1. Apply
    • a. Save changes on all pages
    1. Check as production deployment (//mydomain/some-path)
    • a. Nothing happened (There aren’t any changes like process: 2-a.)

■ Question

  1. Do I miss any steps to configure?
  2. How long does it take to activate the settings? (I might need more patience.)
  3. I don’t get the meaning of the popup well after clicking “Save changes on all pages”, do I receive any mail to confirm the change? or, is the popup itself just a confirmation?
  4. Also I tried the “Worker” to inject html tag instead, but the same thing happened. Preview worked, but the production didn’t work.
  5. Please tell me if there is any other possible problem or advice.

Kindly support me in solving this problem.
Thank you in advance.