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Hello all) Sorry for my English, I study it :slight_smile:
I have th problem. I want to add SSL sertificate from Cloudflare on my site. I registered, my site on this service, and change namservers at AWS. But Cloudflare not approve my site. When will Cloudflare appprove my site?

It may take some time for the nameserver changes to propagate (max 24hrs) If it has been longer than that, then there may be an issue with the nameservers.

Have you clicked the Re-check button?

If you can post the domain, we can check the nameservers for you.

Sorry for late reply. I don’t work on weekends. I have clicked Re-check button. But it don’t check my nameservers… What problems can be with nameservers?

Whats the domain?

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I’m sorry but I do not understand. Should I do something else with the my domain?

What is your domain name.

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