Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress

I changed my NS for cloudflare and after house I activated the CF plugin and logged in the CF settings page in my wp website. when press APPLY in “Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress” the loading circle does not stops and get saved but circling for hours, earlier it was not like this. I am not able to use the cloudflare wp plugin for my website now…

Is there a fix for this?

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Could you please write what is the domain name for further assistance?

Are we talking about an official Cloudflare for Wordpress plugin?:

It could be the SSL issue or some redirection in between.

Moreover, if you recently changed your nameservers for your domain, you should wait for a few minutes or few hours for changes to apply.
Also to note, do you remember if you have had an HTTPS or HTTP connection before you have added your Website to the Cloudflare?


I am not sure if this TLD “.i” exists? Is it .it, .in, .is, .io, .id, .inc, .info, .icu, .ink … ?


Yes, it’s .in sorry for that

I am afraid you have not setup correctly your nameservers. Domain is not pointing to Cloudflare nameservers.

To make Cloudflare work for your domain, you should change your current nameservers at your domain registar with the Cloudflare ones as given in the process when you add your new Website to the Cloudflare account.

An great article how to change nameservers for your domain here:

Maybe you have added your Website to your Cloudflare account but you have not changed or you changed the different nameservers for your domain

I have updated correctly as required. Earlier is was working well. Only after a deactivation and activated again this issue exists

The plugin has nothing yet to do with nameserver change which has to be done at your domain registar first - I hope?

You do not change nameservers with plugin.

Intodns for still shows old nameservers and not Cloudflare ones.

Its now pointing the nameserver as well, but the same problem exists.

You can do that manually. Here are list of things -

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thanks, i am not sure, if the options are applied in my wp site, even though i configured them in the CF dashboard. When I press APPLY button wp dashboard for Recommended settings, the loader icon justs rotates. see the attachment. i do not know what to do. earlier it was working fine.

I am having the same issue on the domain! Please assist!