Apply a WAF rule to multiple URI

We are using this rule on a website : but we would like to apply it to multiple URI. How can we add more URI in the URI field?

It seems the Visual Editor doesn’t think URI supports the is in operator.

The easiest way would be to use URI Path instead of URI, which supports the is in operator and lets you list out more then one:

The only difference between URI and URI Path is the URI also contains the query string. If it is your intent to only match when the query string is empty, you could just add another condition for that

Otherwise you could click Edit Expression and manually build a subexpression based on uri
... and (http.request.uri eq "/contact/" or http.request.uri eq "/sign-up/") and... or to use in (http.request.uri in {"/contact/" "/sign-up/" "/etc"}), it works fine, just the Visual Editor seems to not support it for that field.