Applications .NET with oracle database slow

Hello, I built a zero trust infrastructure following the steps on Cloudflare documentation private-hostnames-ips.
On the client side it is warp and the datacenter is a cloudflared connector to access applications and datacenter infrastructure.
All applications are working fine with warp, applications like ssh, rdp, http(s), smb, dns(internal), but a .NET application is extremely slow when connecting to oracle database.

There is a way to monitor the latency between warp and the database.

Anyone got this problem with applications/oracle database?


Is it only slow when establishing the connection or later as well? Did you make sure that the database server isn’t querying DNS servers looking for the reverse name of the connecting IP? That sometimes could delay the connection.

It is slow when connecting and navigating the application.

The database server does not nslookp reverse in IP address.

Thank you.

Hi, I did a double check with sysdba and it confirmed that it was necessary to validate the reverse dns of the Cloudflare connector IP.

Glad you found the issue! If you don’t have a reverse IP you can add it to /etc/hosts.

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