Applications Is Not Launching Login Page For Most Domains

Hi folks, I did have a look around for this issue first. Basically, I have several web applications that are hosted from home. I have configured the Tunnels product for them and can access them all. But I wanted an extra layer in front and I figured the Application product would be easiest.
I have it working for one of the webapps but the others just go straight to their respective login pages.
I am pretty sure they are all configured the same. I have inspected all of them and they all seem to be the same. I did notice on the last one I tried to set up, it gave me an error regarding there not being a corresponding record DNS. But there has been one for weeks! So I’m not sure what’s missing.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Is that record proxied :orange: or not :grey:?

Hi! Since I’ve been using Tunnels, all my DNS records are proxied now.

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