Application on the web site

Hi I have added Cookie Consent app to my domain on my page but it is not visible on my live page.
Do I need to do anything more with the app except install it over Cloudflare?
Thank you

Did you add from Cloudflare apps?

Yes, I did.
Any of these 3 app are not visible on the web page

Did you try the cookie consent app? I’m not certainly sure if they work correctly. However, may I suggest the one that works well? Here’s the app shot. You can search:

You can remove that one & check

I have added but it is not visible :thinking:

Did you remove the previous one? Did you install the one that’s shown in the pic? Before installing did you preview and accept the terms?

My mistake, domain was paused on Cloudflare.
Thank you so much for your time and help.
Sorry one more time :+1: