Apple Sign In, no password to create api key

I created my Cloudflare account by signing in with Apple. Since my laptop supports touch ID I don’t use passwords to login into my account. Signing back into my account is no problem as it prompts me with the finger print scan, and then logs me in.

The issue:
When I go to my api tokens dashboard to “view” my “Global API Key”, it asks me for my password. I have never used a password on Cloudlfare, and it doesn’t prompt for touch ID either.

How do I create a global API key?
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This is an interesting situation.
My best guess would be to go through the password reset process to set a password for your account.

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I’m pretty sure there is no password now, because it’s SSO.

I know I’ve heard of this issue before, and there were two places where this may be an issue. I thought one of them was fixed, but can’t remember the other place this happens.

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I have tried to reset my password to acquire a new one, which didn’t work.
How do I proceed? Can’t find bug report portals or public support unless i use the business plan.

What’s next?

You can create tickets for account issues on the Free plan.

If you head to and select
Account -> Account Management -> API Management -> API Key
as the options then it should guide you through the steps to open a support ticket and go to the right team.

When you do open a ticket, please let us know the ticket ID here, I have created a community escalation for this issue as well.

Hi there @covyy,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this.
We’re internally reviewing this in order to scope the ability to allow users who sign up via APPLEID to use API key.

But for now, either use an API token (recommended), or perform this workaround to obtain the API key:

  • Invite a new member into your account, let’s say a secondary email that you might use ([email protected]);
  • Register a new Cloudflare account with that email using a password;
  • Access the dashboard with that user to obtain an API key (thus using said password)

I hope the above is useful and helps you decide what’s best for your Cloudflare account.