Apple Phone shows CNAME Forward host

hi to all. So I’m having a small bit of an issue. I have my domain setup on my IPFS gateway. So I have my root domain on a CNAME to I have tried several browsers and everything works fine until I use an Iphone and Microsoft Edge. When I use an Iphone or edge and visit it forwards to like it should but it changes the url in the address bar. No other operating system or browsers does this as far as I can tell. Not even opera browser on android. Can someone help me out please. I don’t want the forwarded hostname to be shown. The server its running on is NGINX

nevermind. Sorry for even posting this. But if someone is wondering. I had http headers forwarded to https headers. Instead of using http://$host$return_uri like I should to properly forward the headers I was using http://$server_name$request_uri which was forwarding properly but the user of the $server_name variable I was replacing the headers with the actual server name I was forwarding too. While this didn’t cause issues with firefox and chrome or android pickier browers like Iphones Opera and Microsoft Edge would change the address bar url because of it.