Apple Pay for web ciphers

I’m trying to set up Apple Pay for web for a website behind Cloudflare. According to the Apple docs the TLS on the server has to support one of the cipher suits they recognise ( The docs I’ve found on Cloudflare unfortunately don’t support any of those ( Indeed when I try to verify the website with Apple it complains that the cipher suits aren’t right.

Is there a way around it somehow, or do I have to move the website away from Cloudflare?

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Hi @maciej1, are you still having issues? On our free plan we issue one certificate that requires the client browser to support SNI (Server Name indication). On our Pro plan we issue 3 certificates for your domain and client browsers do not need to support SNI. This makes our pro plan more compatible with a wider range of clients.

Based on, there’s overlap with the ciphers apple needs, and the ones we provide for customers on the pro plan.

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