Apple Mail set-up, and do I need a service like Gmail?

I am wanting to set-up my new domain name so emails can be sent from Apple Mail. Is this possible without using a provider like Gmail, or not? If this is possible what are the steps, or instructions?

Many thanks in advance

Do you have iCloud+ subscription already?

Apple Mail is just software for managing emails on your device. In addition to this, you also need an email service provider to actually send and receive emails.

Google has their free Gmail, and Apple has their free iCloud Mail. These free services don’t support using your own domain though.

To be able to use your own domain with Apple’s iCloud Mail, you need an iCloud+ subscription. See: What is iCloud+? - Apple Support.

If you have an iCloud+ subscription already, follow this guide: Set up a custom email domain for iCloud Mail on all your devices - Apple Support

After you begin the process on your Apple device, Apple will give you the actual DNS records to setup in Cloudflare.

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Thank you very much for this detailed response George, I really appreciate it.

I do have iCloud+ so I can do it on there. I did set-up my other domain using Gmail with improvmx & Brevo after watching a YouTube video on setting emails up for free, but it shows up as though it’s from a mailing list, which isn’t professional.

Thanks you for pointing me to iCloud for this.

Sorry for the delayed response: life got in the way!

If you have iCloud+, you have a complete professional email service for your domain from Apple – so there’s no need to use the Gmail (mailbox) + ImprovMX (for receiving mails) + Brevo (for sending mails) hack.

All you need is Apple’s iCloud Mail configured for your own domain.

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That’s cool, no worries, I just appreciate you getting back to me.

Can you have multiple domains running through iCloud+? so [email protected] & chris etc

From this Apple support page: Use Custom Email Domain with iCloud Mail - Apple Support

You can use up to five custom domains, with up to three personalized email addresses per domain.

Amazing. Thank you so much for all your help George! :pray: