Apple Mail not able to verify user

I am attempting to add my email address for my domain to apple mail and it will not allow me to. It advises there is an error and can not verify the user.

I have spoken to Bluehost who advise the issue is on Cloudflare side as the Cpanel email is working fine. I have fiddled with the settings for my MX record and the A record associated with the MX record so they aren’t proxied but it has made no difference, can anyone help me please?

What is the domain?

Hey SJR,

Here is the domain


Are you setting DNS records at Bluehost? You need to be doing it in the Cloudflare DNS, as that is the DNS in use by your domain. No records are showing for using iCloud mail…

Should be set as here…

Hey SJR,

I am slightly confused by your comment?

The email is set up within Bluehost using our domain and we have set the DNS records in Cloudlfare to look at the MX records for bluehost.

Yet when we input the Bluehost incoming/outgoing SMTP server details it tells us it can not verify the user. Bluehost have stated the issue is a cloudflare issue. Are you saying the only way to add the bluehost email account to Apple mail on our mobile is to go via Icloud Mail?


Sorry, when you said Apple wasn’t able to verify the user, I thought you meant you were adding your domain to iCloud+ as that needs Apple to verify the DNS settings.

If it’s just a case of getting your Bluehost mail to an Apple mail client…

Your MX record doesn’t affect the client, just mail delivered to your domain. Your MX record points to which isn’t proxied so assuming you’ve set the correct IP address for it, it should work.

To connect to your mail client, that depends on what hostnames you are connecting to. If it’s just then, assuming the IP address is for the POP/IMAP/SMTP server, then it should work.

If you are using imap, smtp or to connect, those are showing as proxied so need to be set to “DNS only” for mail…

Are you using Bluehost mail services, or just mail on your own domain? If the latter, then the above should fix it. If the former, you’ll need to check the instructions for that.


Hey SJR,

We are using the email package with Bluehost provided as part of our hosting service with them. We originally raised the ticket with them and they told us it was a Cloudflare issue, but as we have the MX records DNS only we couldn’t understand why the issue was happening.

I will try changing the IMAP and SMTP to DNS only.


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