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I purchased my domain and an email through Apple. I’ve since learned that the email functions like an “alias”, which means Office 365 doesn’t recognize it as a separate email address.

I would like to keep the email and the domain. Is there a way to “unlink” it from Apple so that it’s a free-functioning option? I don’t want to lose the domain.

I have been unable to locate a phone number for tech support to get the help I need.

Phone support is only available for emergencies on accounts with Enterprise agreements. This is the correct place for the assistance you seek.

You should be able to do that as the domain registrant. Changing to another email service will require you sign in to your Cloudflare account and update some DNS records.

Can you share your domain name so the Community can offer you more specific answers?

I’d appreciate any support I can get! My domain is - not sure why that matters, but I’m trusting this community to help me.

Knowing the domain name makes it easier to help since we can perform DNS queries to see firsthand how things are configured.

Switching from iCloud to M365 Business is easily achievable by replacing the iCloud DNS records with those provided by Microsoft. When you are ready to switch, you will need to remove your existing MX records, then follow this guide to add.the ones you need for Microsoft 365.

Were you successful in moving your domain email from iCloud to Microsoft 365?

The solution seemed beyond my current technical capacity, so to be honest, I haven’t tried it out yet. I’m fearful of breaking something, as this is my primary contact info for a university master’s program I’m in. I’m going to give it a go this week, and if I can’t get it figured out with confidence, I’ll be looking to see if I can hire someone. I have an MS 365 account, but it’s not clear to me if I would need to get a new account or add to the existing one. I’m just not a techie type. So appreciate you having pointed me in what seems to be the right direction!

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