Apple Custom Email Domain

I hope someone can help as I am not knowledgeable with any of this.

I purchased my domain from cloudflare through Apple iPhone to us it as Custom Email Domain .

As the setup was unclear, I created my email address without issue.
I then thought I could create my wife’s email on my phone and assign it to her, which didn’t work.
I deleted the email address off of my phone and it deleted.
When I tried to “create” it on my wife’s phone it gives me an error.
It seems that even if the email address isn’t being use, it can’t be assigned/created on another phone.
Apple can’t seem to help me “manage” the email address.
I signed in to my cloudflare account and there doesn’t seem to be a way to manage email addresses associated with my domain.

I just want to be able to “reset/clear” the previous created then deleted email address so that I can “create” it anew on my wife’s phone.

Still completely unclear where the email addresses are managed? Apple or cloudflare?


Sorry for the issues, I suspect this was related to

Are you good to go or still encountering an issue?

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