Appending Cloudflare certificate in roots.pem file for Google Drive

I’ve been struggling through this. I’m trying to use WARP with the proxy, requiring Cloudflare’s root certificate. This has run into an issue with Google Drive.

Google Drive uses the roots.pem file in Program Files. I’ve tried every way with which to append the PEM certificate available from Cloudflare. Nothing I have done with this PEM file has fixed it. I’ve made sure to use Unix line endings with editing the file for Vim. I’ve tried putting one line break plus one comment line. Cloudflare’s PEM file does not have any of the comment lines like other certificates do in this file. Every Google answer concerns order for TLS chains, not a PEM file with multiple root certificates?

Has anyone gotten the certificate to work and used Gateway with Google Drive? Do I need to try to get all the information in the roots.pem file for other root certificates out of the .crt file?

Sorry, the trick was to in fact set the registry setting to a file outside of Program Files. I thought the TrustedRootsCertFile setting wasn’t necessary and the roots.pem in Program Files could be edited instead.

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