Apparently an old domain expired show a very old site web hosted by Cloudlfare

Hi there!

I used to have the following domain
I let it go, and normaly this domaine should show nothing. But it shows a very old version of my website.
When I tried to find how it is possible, where my website is hosted.
I get : it is hosted by Cloudflare Inc.
But as i don’t have any Cloudflare account I’m surprise. I don’t know how or whom to contact to delete this web site.
Anyone can help me?
I found an IP address but don’t know where is it too


As this page is not using “Cloudflare Pages” Cloudflare can’t host this page, Cloudflare proxy the page and therefore this is shown from your analyses.
Your setup is based on ASP.NET as far as I can tell, so it probably is hosted on Windows Server with IIS 10, but I am not that sure.

Anyway, your domain is definitely using Cloudflare Nameservers and is proxied.

This is one of Cloudflares IPs. The origin IP must be different.

According to the whois - you did not let it expire. The registration shows that the domain has been registered since 2004.

if you thought that the domain expired, whatI suspect happened is that your registrar transfered the domain to themselves or a domainer on request. This does happen with some of the shadier domain registrars.

What I’m surprised about is that they have gone to the effort of restoring the website, most likely from copies.

But, are you sure you “let it go” ? who was the domain registered with last?

Thanks! I’m trying to find where it’s started… I write to NameBright. I’ll see if they reply to me.


Yes we decided to not renew it and let it goes. We used to have it since 2004 right.
I’m surprise too! I didn’t know there was a copy a this old website somewhere!

Thanks for your reply.

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