App says "Disconnected" after toggling connection on. Can't access the internet afterwards

Not sure if this is the right place to post this so pardon me as I’m in a hurry.

Why does it say “Disconnected” after I’ve toggled connection on? Also, I can’t access the internet when Cloudflare is in this state. I’ve tried reinstalling but the issue remains.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Well have you tried closing it and opening it again

I would’ve tried to laughed at your attempt at a very overused joke if I weren’t facing an actual issue here.

If you click on the bug icon, it should generate an error report you can send in.

I can’t tell what you’re running it on, but it looks like a Mac. Which hardware and OS version?

It wasn’t a joke it was a genuine question, in my experience when things like this happen I just close the application and open it again, and in your original post you didn’t mention if you had done so

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They did mention that they reinstalled it, which is about as much as anyone can do, short of digging through their system files to get rid of any potentially corrupted conf/pref/data files for that app.

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