App remains in launcher after deletion

Hi All,

I created a test app in the ZeroTrust dashboard and made it available through the launcher. I’ve since deleted it however it remains visible in the launcher. I’ve tried multiple browsers and clearing browser cache, incognito etc but nothing seems to actually remove it.

I have no apps or bookmarks currently added.

I’ve also run the API call curl -X GET " and there are no apps listed.

Has anyone come across this before?


@JoshC63 did you ever figure this out, or find some workaround or means to clean this up? I’m facing the same problem.


Exactly same issue here as well. Still looking for a solution…


I decided to switch to a Private Network so didn’t really give this a lot of thought not seeing any answers to the question.

I did though manage to get rid of the Phantom Application it seems. At least now when I just created a new Application in Zero Trust and went to the Teams landing page only the one is appearing.

I believe I ended up deleting all Applications, then modify my Team information to a different Team Access URL (sorry forget the term), then switched back to the original Team Access URL.

If that works, probably would be good to reply here (unlike I did) and confirm.

Good luck.

If you’re running into this issue, please submit a support ticket.

As a Free Plan member, would we have the ability to create a support ticket for this? It is none of “billing, account, and registrar issues”.