App Preview dont work!

I want install an app but i can’t see the preview of my website.
I try with many app and problem in all app. (example all whatapp apps).

The error message is: An error occured loading this page. Please double check the URL. If it continues to fail, please try again later or contact support for assistance.

Sadly, Cloudflare Apps are pretty much dead at this point and unmaintained. We might see a revival of them in the future, but as it stands I would not recommend using any of them. A lot of them are by third-party devs, unmaintained and broken.

If you can do whatever you are trying to do on your origin directly, that would be advised. Otherwise if you know how to program Workers/Javascript (or are willing to learn), you could use a Worker (which Apps are under the hood) and HTMLRewriter directly to accomplish most of what I imagine a WhatsApp social link app would do.

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